By: lesliedware | August 19, 2015

The PTAB recently released the second round of proposed changes to the AIA. Below is a segment of the USPTO's statement regarding the changes and a link to the article:

"In particular, the package of changes: 

• Proposes to allow patent owners to include, with their opposition to a petition to institute a proceeding, new testimonial evidence such as expert declaration. This change responds to commentary raising concerns that patent owners are disadvantaged by current rules that let petitioners’ evidence go unanswered before a trial is instituted. 
• Proposes a new requirement on practitioners before the PTAB, akin to the Rule 11 requirements in federal courts, to give the USPTO a more robust means with which to police misconduct. 
• Propos...

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By: lesliedware | August 17, 2015

Patently O released an article last week analyzing the allowances rates at the USPTO. Read it here:

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